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The collection of photos I took of people taking photos at Niagara Falls. You Are Here by Ian McCausland on Exposure


#morehotsauce14 by Ian McCausland on Exposure

Foggy AM


X100s snaps

Low Light with the Fuji X100s

Liam’s screen time, a set on Flickr. I wanted to practise using my Fuji X100s in low light. I found that when using the autofocus the focus assist…

Urban Beekeeping

  Melissa Dupuis operates a couple hives on the top of UofW. She invited me to visit as I was interested in beekeeping. It was great to see…

Portage Ave

Portage Ave

Portage Ave

Liam drawing Minecraft

Liam drawing Minecraft, a set on Flickr. More Sony RX1. Liam drawing me some Minecraft this AM! Love that shallow DOF!