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Tribbute Testimonial Video

TRIBBUTE is a business consultancy firm specializing in providing digital solutions and marketing expertise to small and medium scale organizations. TRIBBUTE has been creating value through data-driven and results-focused strategies…

Another cycling video!

We had fun putting this together!

Living with Racism

The project continues to grow! Here is a sampling of the great conversations we’re having More stories are now available on

Patty Rolling Free

Some of the videos I worked on for Patty’s new YouTube tube channel Like and subscribe cuz we are gonna do a lot more!

Living With Racism

A new video project I worked on. Should be an enlightening series. Find out more here and sign up! Living With Racism is an online learning resource meant…

Chatting with a Chicken Farmer

This was a fun project to work on. We created the video you see here, then I facilitated the watch party on Facebook where they introduced the video,…

Live video: The Shel Show

I have been working with live video for a while now. My friend Shel Zolkewich is kicking off her live video show and I am  helping her with…

Talking with photographers

Started a new video interview series featuring some photographers I know and admire. Check them out! Who’s next!  

Photographer montage

Photographers from BlackLab on Vimeo. Voyeur, hunter and investigator are just a few of the roles that have characterized the photographer when depicted in modern cinema. In Photographers,…


Willow Island

Rushing River

Sandbox fashion

The latest Sandbox features a fashion story I shot with the winners of Hot103’s Katie Perry 80’s contest. The girls were great and we had so much fun!…

Behind the scenes with Hot103

The gang from  Elemental dropped buy during the studio portion of the shoot with the Hot103 morning crew. Not only did we collaborate on what they needed to…

Warehouse One Fashion Feels Good

Heres the BTS video of our shoot!

Facebook Foto legacy lives on!

The reaction to last year’s Facebook Foto events was to say the least, amazing. (You can see the first event here and the second one here.) I had…

Behind the Scenes Warehouse One

Here’s a Behind the Scenes look at the spring shoot we did for Warehouse One. We shot in studio and at The Forks!

Recent Work: Prov. of Manitoba, Education Dept.

This is a 30 second commercial currently on air, for the Province of Manitoba. The creative called for a series of stills rather than video to create the…

Aperture on the road, around the world

Travelling to photograph, like I did recently in India, requires you to be organized. Shooting all day, day after day, turns out you don’t have a lot of…

Facebook Foto Day, the MOVIE!

My friends at BlinkWorks are amazing, talented people. If you follow my posts regularly, you probably already know this. But seriously, not only did they take my ramblings…