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I’ve mentioned this little app, Breaktime to a few people and everyone seems to think its a great idea. Basically it locks up your Mac every once in…

Friday 5ive: Social media links

In honour of the talk today I am giving at ACI on my “Social Media Strategy” I offer 5ive thoughts and 5ive links 1. Master your domain The…

Social Media is Bullsh*t and the Social Media Arms Race

(read this¬†story¬†about photogs should write more. So here goes,…) Just finished reading this on my Kobo ($11) and I have to say I found it quite illuminating. Basically…

Just saw this show, mind blown. Avedon is my hero!

Love the big window view

Shooting Dali with iPad. Collecting trophies

Picasso girls

This like the “Mona Lisa ” of moma

Working thru it

The city skyline, new WTC on right

Empire State Bldg

Hornet meets Gucci?

Moo Moo!

Instagram map feature

Instagram just added the map feature to their app. Suddenly all those Foursquare location adds to my pics have paid off.

We all went to New York

If you’re a regular follower on this blog, chances are you follow me on various social networks, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you follow me on one of…


By now you might have heard of Pinterest. Its a social media site based on a metaphor that seems very familiar to those in the visual arts. Think…


Just an infographic about the facts behind my fave iphone photo app, Instagram. Anyone who’s hasn’t tried it, I urge you to giveit a spin. Combined the instant…

Facebook Foto legacy lives on!

The reaction to last year’s Facebook Foto events was to say the least, amazing. (You can see the first event here and the second one here.) I had…

The Thank You Economy

Just finished reading this book. It was the first book I’ve read completely on the iPad using Kobo. The jury is still out on that experience. I’ve raved…

QR codes

I am really excited about QR codes. I think their going to be really popular in the next year or so. Fresh from our shopping trip in Fargo,…