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Benefits Canada

A portrait of Shelley Sjoberg, Assistant Vice-President, Product Development and Support Canada Life For Benefits Canada Read the article on Leadership in DEI here: #winnipeg #businessphotography

Just Sun

The last images from my time with AIM. Just the sun and some flags or diffusion. Sometimes available light is the best light

Germination magazine

Tom Greaves for Germination Magazine’s article on the next generation of industry leaders There’s a generational shift happening. In less than eight years, a new generation will step…

Winnipeg Foundation: Vital Signs

Some the portraits I did in support of Winnipeg Foundation’s Vital Signs Project. I wasn’t sure how they were going to be used, at the time there was…


Recently Tami came by for a portrait.

Murray Sinclair

Congratulations to The Honourable Murray Sinclair LLB MSC IPC who received two honours this week. The Citizen Hall of Fame Murray Sinclair has blazed another trail by becoming…


Once in awhile when I have that creative itch I’ll do things like post in my Instagram stories “who wants to make art?” Jessica answered YES! and we…

Brady Kenneth

I had a great time working with musician Brady Kenneth on image in support of his new music ( check out That One here)

Creative challenge

One of my fave photographers is Mark Seliger I’ve admired his work for decades, always delivering amazing work.  Recently Mark shared this photo of Jennifer Connelly, (swipe to see) I…

Kal Barteski

Kal Barteski dropped by the studio recently. She’s amazing and an inspiration to me, always creating, always doing something. We had fun catching up while she sat for her portrait.

RAS Creative

Recently RoseAnna Schick came by for new portraits. A dynamo of energy, she’s does so many things, media and public relations, communications, marketing and promotion, writing and editing, content…

Mark Turner Amsterdam Tea Room

Quite often I am tasked to create candid images people while they are talking. Sometimes they are used with call out or quotes from the article. It can take a lot of frames for the subject to become comfortable with the idea and then a lot more frames to capture the proper expressions.

Nicole Rayy- House of Cards

Once again the on going collaboration with Nicole Rayy. I just love creating images for each theme or song Check Nicole’s website for all her details, she is…

Tequila Mockingbird

(in the process of transferring old images from CD/DVDs to HDs I’ll be sharing some interesting images once in a while) It was the year 2000. Tequila Mockingbird…

Martha 2001

Dec 11 2001 using my first serious DSLR , the 6mp #kodak#dcs760 which was built upon a #nikonf5 body and cost me just shy of $10K!  @marthaborys looking absolutely stunning!! 



Jennifer is one of those amazing, creative people I am felt so lucky to know here in #winnipeg. She dropped by the studio the other day and we figured…

Having Fun

I’m always working on personal projects. Whether it’s trying out new techniques or adjustments to my style, or learning new programs I always feel like I need to…


I love letting people talk, sometimes they are so relaxed and expressive, they even forget about the camera! Everyone has a great story, you just have let them…

Rehman Abdulrehman Lead With Diversity

I was excited to work with my good friend Rehman Abdulrehman on a new set of portraits for his website  I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with…