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Rehman Abdulrehman Lead With Diversity

I was excited to work with my good friend Rehman Abdulrehman on a new set of portraits for his website  I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with…

TransX for Honest Agency

I think these past months we’ve all learned a whole lot more about the different ways our economy and supply chain work. Certain items becoming short in supply,…

Chef Melissa Makarenko of Peasant Cookery

A chef profile of Melissa Makerenko of Peasant Cookery for The Cellar Door magazine. When photographing the chef we always try two approaches. The more traditional smile at…


Recent ad for Wellington-Altus featuring an image of Charlie Spiring, CEO, I created a while ago.

Metric Marketing St.John’s-Ravenscourt School

Working with the creative team at Metric Marketing, I photographed the students from SJR in both their own clothing and then the school uniform. It’s always fun working…

Taylor McCaffery

Taylor McCaffrey LLP is one of Manitoba’s leading law firms.  To coincide with the firm’s move to 201 Portage at the iconic intersection of Portage & Main, they…

The Missy Bratt

@theMissyBratt came by the studio recently, for a new set of portraits. A photographer herself, it’s aways great to photograph someone who patiently endures my experiments, with lenses…

Charles Allen of Earth& Hide

Charles came by the studio recently to sit patiently for me as I worked on some new lighting techniques. Charles works in handmade goods under the name Earth…


Unionware is a Winnipeg based company that offers software solutions for unions of all types and sizes in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Currently with 100+ clients…

Pastry chefs for Ciao Winnipeg

Chef Elieen Manalo of Caked with Love and Sophon Chhin (aka Soapy) of S Squared Pâtisserie. Photographed for Ciao Magazine

Charlie Spiring for Invesment ​​Executive

Be Ready When I photography executives in business I try my best to ensure I use their time effectively. That means making some decisions on where we’ll do…

Find your BeCause

Find your BeCause What do you care about? We care about it too! No matter what you’re passionate about you can support it through The Winnipeg Foundation. Your…


New profile images for Jennifer

Jennifer came in for fresh profile pics for a new website. It was great to work with her again after many years.

Last Bite: Jaimi Deleau

I had a great time photographing Jamie again. She is a consummate professional and was a perfectionist at the shoot. You can read her bio here.


Petric just won a slew of awards at the MCMA’s on the weekend. The hardest working country act in this province, its always fun working with these guys….

Chef Jackie Hildebrand for Ciao Magazine

Chef Calvin Truong for Ciao Magazine

You can read all about Calvin and Kyu Bistro inthe leaste issue of Ciao magaizne Click Here

Knights of the “Greatest Generation”

I received an assignment from the Knights of Columbus, for their magazine , Columbia magazine which is sent to members.  The Knights of Columbus is a catholic based…


An advisor profile for you can read the entire profile HERE OCCUPATION President and founder of Doheny Securities Ltd. and Doheny Insurance Services Ltd. CITY Winnipeg, Man….