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Wire Rewind 2013

One of the most anticipated magazines I get in December is The Wire Rewind issue. The best “underground” releases of the year compiled, it’s a treasure trove of…

DJ-Kicks: Apparat

Back when there were music stores, and I had opportunities to travel to bigger cities, I would always make a point of buying a few new mixes for…

Friday 5ive: Embrace by Goldroom

  I haven’t talked about music for awhile, so this Friday 5ive is an ep by Goldroom. If nothing else you need to hear the first two tracks….

Summer Studio Mix

Kitsune Soleil Mix 2 By Gildas Kitsun√© & Jerry Bouthier is out now. The first mix is still heavily played round the studio and this one looks to…

Jason Petric

Jason Petric a Winnipeg-based country musician came by for new shots for his new album TEASE.17

The Spring Mix: Kitsune America 2

Once again the soundtrack of this spring is from Kitsune. A great mix of styles in this one.

New Music: Nocturne- Wild Nothing

One of those albums that when you first hear it, you just know it’s gonna make it into heavy rotation. Part of the “dream pop” movement, but I…

Winter Dub!

Seems at some point every winter, usually in the new year, I fall back into dub. It will be -30C and I’ll be cranking the Dub in my…

M83 Steve McQueen

They finally released my fave song from M83’s amazing double album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, as a single with a few remixes.    

Scott Walker’s new album: Bish Bosch

Scott Walker is releasing a new record, Bish Bosch.¬†It won’t be easy. As many of you may or many not know, I am a huge fan of Scott…

DJ Shadow

saw DJ Shadow last night. He came out of the gate telling us all to expect all new stuff in his DJ Set. As much as I would…

Jawbone Big Jambox

Jawbone Big Jambox

My Big Jambox

Broadcast means we get fog!

I think David Lynch everytime! #wsonmf

More new music


Gentil Missagaro 2

My Big Jambox and Rdio, the killer combo!

My Big Jambox, originally uploaded by If you know anything about me, you know I love music. I mean I LOVE music! All kinds, all genres. The…