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Many wonder how I get some of the results I get with my iPhone. Here’s the before and after on a shot I took yesterday. Primarily the editing…

Happy Birthday iPhone

It was seven short years ago TODAY that Kevin Hnatiuk and I were in the room when Steve Jobs pulled out the first iPhone. It’s really hard to…

Friday 5ive: Instagram tips

In honour of the Instagram photo walk I’ll be hosting today here are my Friday 5ive,: tips on using instagram.  hit this badge for a link to my…

Instagram Photowalk

Here are the details on the photo walk I’ll be hosting: Join #Tourism #Winnipeg and professional photographer @ianmcc on an Instagram walking tour of the Exchange District. A guide will take us through…

Friday night at the beach

Recent location shoot at Hut K

The shoot is under wraps for now, but if you’re looking for something different in terms of furniture, please check out Hut K

Winnipeg tin types

Friday 5ive: Thoughts on instagram

In light of this week’s BIG story on the net about Instagram’s apparent change to their Terms of Service I have 5ive thoughts. 1. CBC National came and…

Snapseed is FREE!

You read that right, one of my top five apps for the iphone is now FREE! Best of all it’s free on both iOS and Android mobile platforms….

Sunset drive home

Something for photogs to think about

Online photographer posted this article titled The Difference Between a Photographer and an Artist. Definitely worth a read. A bunch of stuff in there, a few quotes to tweak…

Secret Masquerade

  Kal Barteski and gmb chomichuk  produced Secret Masquerade an amazing art show event last friday. All sorts of crazy stuff was happening around, performers, animals, music, dancers. (You can…


Fast Company just published  a 3 -part series on the Hipstamatic App: From rooftop bashes and acquisition talks to staff clashes and layoffs, Hipstamatic’s founders and ex-employees describe…



Got it all in

So cool to walk out this am and see this waiting for me!

#ford #mustang

Cali edition #Ford #mustang

Instagram map feature

Instagram just added the map feature to their app. Suddenly all those Foursquare location adds to my pics have paid off.