Designer Carson Samson of Samson Design Studios dropped by the other day for a new portrait. While we’ve talk a lot on Twitter and met at Pecha Kucha briefly, it was fun to spend some time with him in person and get to know him better. Carson is amazingly passionate and fun guy to be around and we hit it off immediately. He was looking for a wide variety of candid images for use in his website so we just riffed and fun with it! Here a small collection of some of the fun shots we did:



See? Like I said, fun! It’s so great to photograph someone who embraces the process and just relaxes. We had some good laughs. After that we changed up the lighting and finished off with a shot we both end up liking a lot. A little more moody, reflective.



I love how both sides of Carson’s personality managed to get captured in our shoot. A wonderfully talented designer, and a really nice guy, I urge you to check out his work