A series of portraits for the Cancercare Foundation Annual Report.  I took these portraits in a diverse set of locations ranging from a busy hallway in a hotel to the foyer of Cancercare Manitoba to a lab full of microscopes lit like a darkroom, to the busy campus of University of Manitoba.

I love jobs like this, is because I love meeting people of all walks of life. I manage to have some wonderful conversations surrounding these shoots. Thats when I feel I am so lucky to do what I do

I also have to say I LOVE meeting people in research. These incredibly smart people always seem so passionate and are devoting their lives’ work to some sort of obscure portion of science that even after explained to me, leaves me dazzled.

All these different locations and the stories all these people brought also reminded me of how cancer can touch all our lives. I hope my work manages to bring their stories to light and inspires others to support the cause.