A thread Dave linked to on Wpg Photo at Sportshooter.com talks about old rangefinders. A few people on the thread rave about the Olympus XA. I had one years ago, it was ahead of its time in so many ways. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, you could take the flash off if you didn’t need it, you could focus, albeit it was faint, like a Leica, it had a 2.8 lens that was very sharp, aperture priority, on and on… This was all well before the first autofocus point and shoots were commonly available. At the time of their release you either had 110’s or big SLR’s. It was like Apple’s Newton, far too expensive, way too ahead of it’s time and a niche product. It’s the XA’s legacy that enable Olympus to lead for many years in the point and shoot market and still today turn out sme very cool digi p&S.
Man that was a fun little camera. I don’t think I’d buy the one linked to, I mean FILM?! sorry :-).