Brian_Bowman-1 Brian_Bowman-2 Brian_Bowman-3 Brian_Bowman-4I recently shot Brian Bowman for Winnipeg Men magazine. The decision was made to shoot Brian at Parlour Coffee as it’s an incredibly popular coffee shop in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. It seems like everyone goes through Parlour’s doors to snag their incredible coffee. Sit there long enough and you bump into someone you know! I even managed to have my friend Sarah Zaharia in the background of the shot of Brian in the shop. After we captured Brian slurping on a latte we headed outside and grabbed a few more portraits with the one featured the view of the city as the cover.

I hope Brian runs for mayor of Winnipeg, I have met Brian a few different times in the past and he seems very thoughtful and sincerely committed to the city. The city’s had a rough ride these past few years and a fresh face at city hall would be a welcome change, to reflect the positive changes we’ve felt in the city over the past year. Here’s hoping he runs!