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Recently Brenda Hasiuk came by for a new portrait.I’ve known Brenda for years and she’s an accomplished author. I’ll let Thin Air the Winnipeg international writers festival explain more about Brenda:

BRENDA HASIUK’s award-winning short fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals. Her work has also appeared in the anthologies, Up All Night and A Song for Kataryna: Stories for Ukrainians in Canada. Her debut novel, Where the Rocks Say Your Name (Thistledown), a sensitive and powerful exploration of four troubled teens in a northern Manitoba town, was shortlisted for this year’s McNally Robinson Book of the Year. Hasiuk was also short-listed this year for the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer. She lives in Winnipeg.

Brenda’s gearing up to release her second novel “Your Constant Star” and the portrait was needed for the back of the book cover. While Brenda had some requests or concerns on how she’d appear and we talked about  how author’s photos get used, it seemed simple enough. The shoot should take no time at all. Only one problem,… Brenda’s really interesting to talk to. So much so, I was constantly reminding myself to take some darn pictures!

This has to be one of the best parts of my job, the opportunity to meet and talk with so many interesting people. While some folks don’t feel as compelled to share, and I can almost hear them think “Just take the damn picture, already!” with others, like Brenda, it so much fun to hear about what their up to, what their passionate about, and what their plans are. We both have son’s the same age, so of course we compared stories and had a few laughs. Eventually, we took some photos!