Canadian Metalworking profiled Boeing Canada Winnipeg’s Kathleen Garney. I was provided an opportunity to photography Ms Garney on the plant floor.

An Effective Leader

Garney’s openness and transparency about her ambition allowed for her to take on increasing responsibilities that were both collaborative and results-driven.

“For me, it was all about delivering on results that showed the total value of the team rather than just scratching in line to get ahead,” she said. “Sometimes engineers tend to come into a room and, because they have a degree and all this depth and breadth of knowledge, believe they have the answers to everything. You want to be careful that you don’t create this image that you think you are better than your team or know more than them. You have to be incredibly humble.”

Garney learned this lesson early in her career during one of her first management positions. The team lead often would take her aside and explain to her how she was being perceived by the team and her peers, while also providing her with constructive feedback.

Cdn Metal working

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