ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8453-2ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8689 ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8682 ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8684
ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8739 ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8782 ArgusPargus_IanMcCausland-8787Local muse Argus Pargus is making a name for herself around the Winnipeg photo community as someone who is keen to model and bringing her special creativity to the shoot. I finally got a chance to work with her a little while ago and she was chock full of ideas. It was great fun to work with her and Ihope I get a chance to do so again! Special thanks goes to Amber Cynthia Hobbs for her help in the hair and makeup.

I have always loved shooting creative tests such like this. It’s great to shoot for no reason other than for the sheer fun of it. I am always up for shooting if everyone involved is willing to contribute and collaborate together.