Well it’s official! I am teaching the Aperture 3 Certification program. Aug 30-31st. All the details are here at this link! I hope everyone who’s expressed interest in learning everything about Aperture signs up. It should be fun! While we’ll be working through the official course material I hope to bring some “real world ” workflow tips. I’ll share one with you now as an example:

Quite often when when delivering images to¬†clients, they like it when I do a preliminary edit , and choose the shots I think work the best and separate them. Otherwise they are overwhelmed by the hundreds images we might create in a typical shoot. Of course editing down a shoot is a breeze using Aperture. Typically I use a 1 star rating as a “keeper” and 2 star ratings as “my picks”.

The only problem is exporting these selections. Previously you would have to export the 1 stars into one folder and the 2 stars into another, way too much work! Now with version 3 of Aperture allows you to label your files, in a similar way you label files in the Finder, using colours. So I’ll label the “my picks” files in Aperture using the colour labels, any colour I like.

For illustration purposes I’ve left the 1 star rated images visible, but typically you would filter just the 2 star rated images, select all and then label all images at the same time. Once that’s done, I’ll export the images all at once into one folder. The colour labelling is applied to the exported files.

I then sort the folder according to label. If you don’t have this option turned on in the Finder you’ll need to view a Finder window in List mode, then choose the label option

After that you’ll see the “my picks” files sorted, separately, create a folder and place them in!

Hopefully that makes sense, I find this method lot easier than remembering to export twice from the same project. You’d hate to forget to export the picks you think the client should use and just send the outtakes!

I look forward to sharing more of these workflow tips with everyone who signs up for the course!