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Recently, designer Shaun Green from BIO Digital Marketing approached me with this cool shoot. He needed lifestyle images of young people but with a twist, we’d be creating these imaged to showcase a new line of mobility canes for the visual impaired. His client, Ambutech is a leading manufacturer and marketer of mobility canes and mobility aids for the blind and visually impaired. Since its inception in 1985, the company has grown to be the dominant supplier of these products in Europe and North America. AmbuTech distributes mobility products to over 50 countries around the world and their based here in Winnipeg!

People with visual impairment aren’t always completely “blind” there are varying degrees of impairment, and like anyone else, they strive to present a version themselves they’re happy with, with style choices in clothing and accessories. BIO Digital Marketing designed a new set of canes for customers who do value these style choices, typically younger people. The purpose of the shoot was to reflect that kind of customer.

Working with Swish Model Management, we selected 4 models to represent the new look for Ambutech. We then rented several spaces in Aspire Studios, here in downtown Winnipeg, including the Urban space with it’s cool funky graffiti wall,  to give us several options in looks with the time budgeted. Shaun and I worked with the talent to create a large body of work that could be drawn upon in creating all the collateral material. The new cool look we were working toward was a far cry from where the Ambutech website is now and we wanted to ensure we had lots of options  to choose from.

After the shoot, once again Shaun and I worked to gather on editing down this vast collection into a handful of images that worked in all the applications. We also worked on finding the right flavour to the images with post processing to give the images that quirky cool vibe. All in all every one  was thrilled with the results!