Recently on Twitter I saw a friend’s tweet about how she was excited to get together with her girlfriends, drink wine and enjoy their book club. That made me openly speculate that book clubs are a “girls” thing, which didn’t make sense to me, because I love to read books!

The conversation on twitter has a way of taking on a life of it’s own and suddenly I was one of a couple people forming a book club on twitter #wpgbookclub It’s open to all on twitter and we had several people sign up including a few other men!

At the point where we wondered what would be our inaugural book choice, I suggest A Good Man by Guy Vanderhaeghe. Much to my surprise no other suggestions were made, this book was chosen and suddenly I felt personally responsible for the success of our first meeting!

Fortunately the book was amazing. I had enjoyed his previous books set in this era of ¬†American/Canadian West and this one didn’t disappoint.


A Good Man culminates what could be thought of as a trilogy of books set in the late nineteenth-century Canadian and American West, and it is a masterpiece. Vanderhaeghe skilfully weaves a rich tapestry of history with the turns of fortune of his most vividly and compellingly drawn cast of characters yet. Vanderhaeghe entwines breathtaking, intriguing, and richly described narratives that contain a compelling love story, a tale of revenge and violence, a spectacular battle scene, the story of an incident in Welsely’s past that threatens his relationship with Ada, and much, much more. While raising moral questions, this novel weaves the historical with the personal and stands as Vanderhaeghe’s most accomplished and brilliant novel to date.
Our next selection is also Canadian historical fiction, Coppermine. If you’re on twitter, enjoy reading, please join us!