I am such a huge fan of Kal, as many of you know. So when Stacy at the Winnipeg Foundation revealed our next subject for the spring magazine was Kal, I was of course thrilled.

We were graciously invited into her studio where her strength of conviction and determination of her artist vision was in full display. The story was about Kal starting a fund at the foundation dedicated to her passion, polar bears. As the article goes one to explain, “The Polar Bear Fund, held at The Winnipeg Foundation, supports innovative, non-invasive polar bear research and projects that honour bears – especially mother bears – and their place in the Arctic ecosystem.”  You can read the article on the Winnipeg Foundation’s website here

Kal was amazing subject, we always have a lot of laughs. All though I felt like bull in a china shop with all my gear in her space, we managed to create some great images without breaking anything!