Recently I visited Mother Earth Recycling for a blog story by a client of mine 365 Technologies.

“Mother Earth Recycling (MER) is one of the most credible recyclers in the business. Located in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas, it recycles about 500,000 pounds of electronic waste per year and refurbishes another 100,000 pounds or so. Its General Manager, Jessica Floresco, estimates it has recycled or refurbished 4.2 million pounds of electronics since it started in 2012.”

If you work in an office that generates E-waste, the article is definitely worth reading, check it out here

MER doesn’t rely on funding to operate. “Being self-sufficient is the balance between people, planet, and prosperity,”says Jessica.To really experience MER’s impact, it’s worth a visit to its facility at 771 Main Street. While you’re there, you can help reduce your ecological footprint. You can:

  1. Bring your old electronic equipment to MER for recycling, refurbishment, or repair.
  2. Bring your old mattress to MER.
  3. Get MER to fix damaged electronics.
  4. Get MER to provide secure-data destruction.
  5. Visit the store to buy parts.
  6. Contact MER to see how your business can team up with the organization to reduce electronic waste.
  7. Tell other people about this organization.
Recycle your electronics and mattresses at MER

For more information, visit Mother Earth Recycling, call 204-942-7900, visit 771 Main Street – it’s open seven days a week, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or email Jessica Floresco.