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Riding Mountains

Riding Mountains, originally uploaded by Took a drive by the Riding Mountains on Friday. This is Manitoba.

Friends that inspire

I’m still trying to figure out where this blog fits in light of the social media I engage in. So I offer some of the “people in my…

Summer 2011 High Light: Camping

This summer was arguably the best one we’ve had here in Winnipeg in a long long time. While it started off wet and dreary in May, but june…

Summer 2011 High Light: Churchill

Another high light of this amazing summer was a trip to Churchill. Previous trips to the north, for North West, we’d stop in Churchill for fuel on the…

Sturgeon Creek

P1080515, originally uploaded by P1080445, originally uploaded by You can see more of the photos here. One of the compelling reason for my return to St James and…

Fuji X10 Product Shots

Fuji X10 Product Shots, originally uploaded by s13n1. Wonderful looking camera!!

Fuji X10 is on order.

Fuji X10 In Hand Model Shot, originally uploaded by s13n1. Like I need a new camera…. but come on, look at it! It looks awesome!

Tipsy Tipsy

P1080381, originally uploaded by Tipsy Tipsy was a very cool event by two local artists, Kal Barteski and gmb chomichuk. They created some very cool art for…

Summer 2011 High Light: Above & Beyond

you gotta gather up what you need, you gotta chose a direction, and when the moment is right for you, you got to go. You gotta keep your…

Behind the scenes with Hot103

The gang from  Elemental dropped buy during the studio portion of the shoot with the Hot103 morning crew. Not only did we collaborate on what they needed to…

Summer 2010 Hi-light: My 3 day mid-life crisis

One of the definite hi-lights of this summer was my 3 days with the 2012 Mustang convertible, California edition. Ford allowed me to explore an alternative world where booster…

Western Living

Within Western Living’s Designers of the Year annual feature the Arthur Erickson Memorial Award was awarded to Winnipeg’s very own 5468796 Architecture I was assigned to photograph the…

Hot 103 Ace Burpee and the crew

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of working with the Hot103 morning crew. Part of the shoot took place while they were on air. They honestly…

Macworld 2009 keynote

Macworld 2009 keynote, originally uploaded by Macworld 2009 keynote Phil Schuller did itinstead of Steve…. um it was not the same! 🙂

Macworld 08 Day One

Macworld 08 Day One, originally uploaded by I was also in the room when Steve pulled out the first Macbook Air.

Steve Jobs and the new iPhone

Steve Jobs and the new iPhone, originally uploaded by I have been so lucky to been at the Keynote where Steve Jobs unveiled the 1st iPhone. This…

Warehouse One Fashion Feels Good

Heres the BTS video of our shoot!

Ciao Magazine Fresh Cafe

We took a slightly different approach this issue for the cover and did a splashy shot in studio. Chef Beth McWilliam is just so gorgeous.

Sarah Zaharia is one of the most plugged-in people I know. Not only in terms of the electronic social media, but in the “Real World” as well. She’s also…

Liam Loves Grand Beach 9

Liam Loves Grand Beach 9, originally uploaded by To say Liam loves Grand Beach is a major understatement!