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Outtakes from the shoot for the items used in last years GDC Blue Sky conference materials.

Gadget Freak

Outtake from a recent shoot for Design News Magazine. The Gadget Freak feature showcases people who’ve designed something a bit crazy. This is a clock built by Alan…

Shutter Snitch

People have been asking me “How’s that iPad? Do you like it?”  Of course it’s fun to use around the house or studio in lieu of the iphone…

Suffering from Vertigo? There’s an app for that!

Normally I talk photography, tech, and the like but since I feel this was important enough to share, I thought I’d post it on here. A few years ago,…

Totem Pole Jackets

P1040446, originally uploaded by There were only three things that Liam wanted to se when we went to visit Lynda while she worked at the Olympics: The…

Sandbox magazine

From the latest online version of Sandbox Magazine Angel Bhathal is a dedicated student, and caring granddaughter. But soon, she may just be adding Miss World Canada to…

I love to photograph babies!

While I don’t search out for shoots like this, when clients ask I always say YES!  I mean what’s not to love when photographing cute babies?  (By the…

Ricki’s Behind the scenes time lapse

Cancercare Gold Plate Dinner: Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer tells a great story, highly animated, and very funny! I think at this point he’s making remarks about the size of Peter Mansbridge’s head. Not his…

UofM Faculty of Arts

UofM Faculty of Education

Facebook Foto Friday!

My first Facebook Foto Friday was a success! You can read all about over at Liz Hover’s blog, where she asked me to guest post about the experience….

iPad crew

iPad crew, originally uploaded by Great time in the road with the iPad crew! We even made the paper:


Chris ordered a pic from our Winnipeg Men fashion shoot for his portfolio. His agency picked an outtake rather than the shot that ran, so a chance to…

Winnipeg Women

The latest cover to Winnipeg Women, shot in studio. You can see the entire issue online here.

Board portraits

I shoot a fair number of boards. There a few things to know about board members. Their usually very busy people, so you have to be ready and…

Latest Ricki’s

Monster face

Sorry I can’t resist one more from Liam. This is his “monster face” Here he’s doing it for fun, but unfortunately sometimes we see this when he doesn’t…

Rankin Inlet Sunrise

From my recent trip to Rankin Inlet.


With all this talk of the upcoming release of Apple’s iPad, I kinda got caught up in the reality distortion field and decided I need one! A bunch…