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The sales team has moved on.

The sales team has moved on., originally uploaded by

Where’d she go?

Where’d she go?, originally uploaded by Ricki’s behind the scenes

New space!

By now mostly everyone has heard. The studio is moving! Things are coming along quite nicely in the renovations of the new space. No exact date on when…

Winnipeg Men/Women

My visit to Images India

If you’re involved in the creative service industry you’ve probably received some junk mail from India. In india, there are several image processing and retouching companies who very…

Some more Aperture

Popular Photography named Aperture as one of it’s top pieces of gear of 2010 in it’s year end round up. The Aperture Users Network has a bunch of…

The sales team has moved on.

The sales team has moved on., originally uploaded by

Bye bye cove

Bye bye cove, originally uploaded by The demolition to the old space has begun.

QR codes

I am really excited about QR codes. I think their going to be really popular in the next year or so. Fresh from our shopping trip in Fargo,…

Smartphones vs Point n shoots

I just upgraded to an iphone 4. It comes with a 3mp camera that can actually focus, I am suddenly really in love with taking pictures with my…

Ciao Kitchens

The winning kitchens in Ciao’s recent issue. I did the shots of the actual kitchens.

Shootin film!

Shootin film!, originally uploaded by

Liam shows me how he moves his ears

Liam shows me how he moves his ears, originally uploaded by

Aperture on the road, around the world

Travelling to photograph, like I did recently in India, requires you to be organized. Shooting all day, day after day, turns out you don’t have a lot of…

Bad Dog!

The  gang from the band Bad Dog came by for uodate to their promo. Always great fun! Brad had a wacky idea and I think it looks great!


Here it is, I’ve finally edited the images from my week in Kolkata (Calcutta). Click HERE to the gallery, or click on any image in the slideshow. Kolkata…

Downtown Winnipeg Magazine

The holiday issue of Downtown Winnipeg Magazine is out! You can pick up copies at any of the MLCC locations ’round town. Always fun working with Downtown Peggy!

Aperture 3.0 certification Jan 8th-9th 2011

I’m teaching another Aperture course, Jan 8th-9th 2011. Think of it, fresh from the holiday season, perhaps with some new photo toys, what better way to spend the…

The Workshop Experience

So I’m back from India, finally back to normal! Needless to say it was an amazing trip! It’s taken me a week at home just to process some…

To Tooth Fairy

This is my tooth, originally uploaded by This is my tooth