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The Best Camera Is the One You Have

Chase Jarvis‘ mantra has always been “The Best Camera Is the One You Have”. Now he’s applied it to a new iPhone camera app, a community for sharing…

Garden 09

Garden 09, originally uploaded by For a summer that was apparently not that good, our garden managed to do very well.

How do you get a 4yr old to sit still for 30sec?

You teach him all about painting with light. We had fun at Grand Beach, it gets darker quicker and allowed us to have some fun. Liam sat still…

Nice props if you can get em.

430, originally uploaded by We used a locally owned Ferrari 430 in a recent fashion shoot for Wpg Men. I didn’t have a lot of time to…


Steve, originally uploaded by another set of out takes from that same shoot.

Ricki’s Behind the Scenes

a glimpse of our recent Fall Outerwear shoot. All footage shot by David L on the Panasonic LX3

UofM portraits

maddy, originally uploaded by out takes from a series of portraits I did for the U of M.


Xray, originally uploaded by Just did a shoot at a vet. hospital. All the drama, (and the cliche) of a human hospital!

What makes a great cover?

Over at they have the voting open on the best magazine covers of the year. What makes a great cover depends on who you ask and who…

Johnny Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World

An amazing commercial for Johnny Walker. Makes me want to do two things; Drink scotch, and go to Scotland.

Glass- String Quartet No. 5 (1/3)

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about anything but photos so here’s some music that I love. Since 1988 I listen to it regularly. I recent found the…

Ricki’s Fall 09 Behind the scenes

Ricki’s Fall 09 Behind the scenes, originally uploaded by More snaps after the jump.


Shells, originally uploaded by

Ricki’s website

Ricki’s new website is now up. A few snaps of mine on there. 🙂

Warehouse One jeans for any occasion | Marketer News

Warehouse One jeans for any occasion | Marketer News Shared via AddThis

English Language Studies

English Language Studies, originally uploaded by

English Language Studies

English Language Studies, originally uploaded by Just uploaded some snaps from my recent shoot for the English Language program.

Warehouse One Fall 09 behind the scenes

You can see the results currently on the website.Many thanks to everyone who worked on this set of shoots.

Seen in the Bay

Seen in the Bay, originally uploaded by One of my Nygard shots. Always fun to stumble upon one of my shots.

A big one!

A big one!, originally uploaded by 4 more on the way!