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ResearchOriginally uploaded by ianmcc A grab shot but I like it for the way everything came together. Usually I have to pose everyone precisely to make something like…

391 frames and 2 hrs later

391 frames and 2 hrs laterOriginally uploaded by ianmcc

Nygard Behind the scenes

Nygard Behind the scenesOriginally uploaded by ianmcc It’s been a long week.

Warehouse One Holiday photoshoot

Warehouse One Winter

Shoot these back in August. It was about PLUS 32C when we shot these. Models were complaining about how hot they were.I am still picking up the fake…

Recent Work Bellissimo for Ciao Magazine


Winnipeg Men shoot

Winnipeg Men shootOriginally uploaded by ianmcc Great models very well behaved! 🙂

Recent Work:CancerCare

Design by TetroIn today’s Winnipeg Free Press

Robert Frank The Americans

It’s considered the most famous of photography books in the world. Everyone should see it. I bought it back on college when I wanted to be a photojournalist….

Wassup 2008

I am spreading this one, cuz it’s brilliant. Same cast, same premise, but 8 years later, everyone’s ready for a change.

Camera Bag on the iPhone. Holga filter

all done and uploaded to flickr using my iPhone.


Poladroid project : the easiest and funniest Polaroid Image Maker

iPhone Apps

Its been awhile now with my iphone and yes it’s indispensable! Here are a few things I really like about my iphone Mobile MeThe integration of the calendar,…

Annie at work

Definitely gonna pre-order this one!


MegsOriginally uploaded by ianmcc

Recent work

Ciao on Location: High Tea Bakery

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Portraits on White

NSI Cancercare Two different clients, two different applications. But both have people on white backgrounds. These were shot slightly different, different angles, lenses and the Cancercare images are…

Recent work: Ricki’s Outerwear

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Living Prairie Museum

Living Prairie MuseumOriginally uploaded by ianmcc