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more Oxford House scenery

more Oxford House scenery Originally uploaded by ianmcc.

Oxford House scenery

Oxford House scenery Originally uploaded by ianmcc.

Pandora’s Box The Criterion Collection

Finally! This classic silent film is finally available on DVD and the wait was worth it. Criterion is in charge and the package includes a ton of extras….

OMD Architecture & Morality

One of those life changing albums that one is able to rediscover through the net. Seems I am not the only one who counts this as a classic….

I’m Mac in Japan now

Cult of Mac talks about the Japanese versions of these funny ads for Apple. The translations help!.

Room full of Chefs

Chefs Originally uploaded by ianmcc. Mostly all the great chefs in Winnipeg, in one room… for Ciao Magazine

APTN mask as the scream

_IAN0330, originally uploaded by ianmcc. reminds me of the painting, The Scream


_IAN0349, originally uploaded by ianmcc. I like this mask


_IAN0552, originally uploaded by ianmcc. A series shot for APTN. Based on the theme “Our viewers Unmasked” I’ll upload some of the unmasked versions later on, for now…

Oxford House Bad Boy shot

Oxford House Bad Boy shot, originally uploaded by ianmcc. As tough as these guys look, they were actually very nice and polite! For those who haven’t heard the…

Line Rider

Not enuff snow to go tobogganing, so I offer a link to Line Rider. Addictive toy where you make a line for the lil guy to ride. Don’t…

Skype 2.0 for Mac, and free calls in N America

Skype is always looking for ways to make your life easier. And now we made calls to landlines and mobile phones within the US and Canada free until…

eno’s latest work profiled at Apple

Cover Browser

Just the covers of many comics, very cool to waste some time….


Watched this one last night. From the same guy who made Traffic, and it shows, it’s very well done. The multi-narrative story with an ensemble cast, like George…

Blogger Beta move

I’ve switched to the “beta” version of the new and improved Blogger. If you’re having trouble commenting or seeing anything, make sure you hit reload on your browser…

Ambrosia Software, Inc. — utilities/dragster

Very cool, very simple FTP program. Transmit is my all time fave but this beats droplets and widgets all to heck. Utilizes the contextual menu with the Dock,…

J G Ballard review in the Globe & Mail:Mall of menace

The Globe’s review of J G Ballard’s Kingdom Come. I would recomend this one, very well done, less gimmicky that the last one.

Oxford House

Oxfordhouse2 Originally uploaded by ianmcc.

Oxford House

Oxfordhouse4 Originally uploaded by ianmcc.