This is a bunch of 1st year Creative Communication students at Red River I photographed while they photographed me!

I was asked by their instructor to come in and be a subject for an imaginary news article for an imaginary local news paper. Each student was briefed on the story and then assigned to photograph me as part of the story. The wrinkle? they had only 4 mins and it in was a busy common room on the Red River campus that they rarely, if ever saw.

The goal: Try and find an interesting angle , connect with the subject and then make some sort of interesting image and then file asap. Yikes! While I never worked in the newspaper industry, I studied to be a Photojournalist so I I was reminded of this pressure, reminded just how shy and nervous I used to be when I started my career, how hard it all was!

I had a great time meeting each of these students and letting they guide me as a subject. Each person had their own way about this, some very focused, some very relaxed, some very chatty.

After it was all over I offered a few thoughts and tips and tricks to the group. I wish them well on their journey, it’s a tough time to be getting into this industry!