One of the most fascinating projects I get to work on over the years is producing reference materials for Andrew Valko. Andrew is one of the top realist painters in the country and his work is collected and shown all over the world. When Andrew is commissioned to do official portraits of mayors, premiers, chancellors or speakers of the house, he and I work together. Under his direction we work on establishing the intent and lighting either on location or in studio to ensure the process for the subject is quick and painless. Andrew then takes the images I produce as reference and uses them to paint the portrait. 

Country to popular belief, he doesn’t simply use one image in its entirety to base his work on, he uses a collection of images to selectively choose the details he needs to make his portraits incredibly accurate to the subject. After completion I get a sneak peak to see the work, while documenting the completed piece for his archive.

Today was the official unveiling of former Mayor Brian Bowman’s official portrait. I was fortunate to be invited to the event so it was great to witness the end to the process and see everyones reaction to the painting. It will remain in City Hall as part of Winnipeg’s history. #winnipegcommercialphotographer