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I had the pleasure of photographing Stuart Murray the CEO of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights for Winnipeg Men Magazine. I’ve know Stuart for many years, and had the pleasure of photographing him back when he was a leader of The PC party of Manitoba. He’s a  friendly, funny guy  who is extremely co-operative. We needed a couple different views for the cover and then the feature article, Stuart was very gracious with his time, but as you can well imagine he’s extremely busy getting everything ready for the the opening.

When I do these kind of portraits of CEO’s and other executives I take things very seriously. Out of respect of my subject’s time I was endeavour to be “hot n ready”, as we say in the biz, when my subject shows up, and then stay very sharp to respond to any challenges technically while the subject is on set, all the while trying to converse with and set the subject at ease! It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but with someone like Stuart, it’s becomes whole lot easier.