For the past little while I have been documenting STARS presence in Manitoba. STARS stands for Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society and is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides rapid and specialized emergency medical air transport for critically ill and injured patients.

The STARS crew consists of highly skilled medical providers and aviation personal. Onboard every STARS flight is two pilots, a critical care nurse, and a critical care paramedic.  An emergency physician trained in pre-hospital care and transportation is also available by telephone for every emergency response and travels in the helicopter whenever medically necessary.

I was fortunate to do several ride alongs and documented some actual missions. Of course in interest of patient privacy I can’t show you some of the images but can give you a glimpse of a few of the images. I can also attest to the dedication they staff bring to every aspect of the service they provide. They were very gracious and accommodating to a fifth wheel like myself tagging along.

The last few images document the recent addition to night missions, providing 24hr service to the province.

_IAN0643 _IAN1142 _IAN1207 _IAN1240 _IAN1448 _IAN1515 _IAN1639 _IAN1709 _IAN1722 _IAN1784 _IAN1862 _IAN1870 _IAN1928 _IAN2349 _IAN2405 _IAN8585 _IAN8703