The Big Leap for CPA magazine.

Recent shoot for CPA magazine featuring two Winnipeger’s who are from somewhere else  and decided to pursue their dreams here… I’ve included a brief excerpt but encourage you to read the entire article



Although he owns a car, Adrian Ong takes the bus whenever he can. It’s a little luxury this Winnipeg resident never had in his former life, where he always felt unsafe on public transit. “When I’m riding on the bus here I feel happy because I’m not afraid anymore,” he says. Home used to be the Philippines, and while Ong had a good lifestyle and a successful career managing the finances for his family’s food-industry chain, security was becoming a major concern. “We had maids and a driver, but we couldn’t take transit or go out on our own,” he says, noting that on two occasions, he’d been poked in the neck with a sharp object by potential muggers when walking on the sidewalk. Years later his sister and brother-in-law would be brutally killed by robbers outside the factory they owned. “You don’t want to live in a world of paranoia as it’s not healthy for the heart and soul.”



Born in Siberia, Asia Yufit wasn’t concerned about the Winnipeg winters. But she and her husband, Mark, did worry about how they would provide for the two children they had uprooted from Israel to be here.
Yufit was pregnant with her first daughter and living in Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city, when she and Mark started talking about relocating. “It was 2006 and the situation in our country wasn’t pleasant,” she says, still remembering the sound of rockets coming in from Lebanon. “It is one thing when you’re concerned only about yourself, but it is very different when there are children involved.”


Nicole and the Petzval 58mm

I have such a great job, I get to meet so many interesting people. Nicole is one of those people. We worked together on several projects over the years, with Nicole doing hair and makeup on them. I finally decided one day I need to photograph her, and told her so!

Well it took a few years for that to finally happen. We’re both busy people! But I am so glad I finally had Nicole drop by the studio for a portrait. She is a wonderful person, incredible beautiful inside and out. As is always the case, when I have interesting people in the studio, I almost have to remember to take some photos, we just talk and talk…


Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-3_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-6_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-7_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-8_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-9_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland
Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-11_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-17 copy_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland

The Petzval 58mm

Nicole allowed me to try out my new lens as well. The Petzval 58mm  from Lomography. It isn’t a perfect lens and thats why I kinda like it! It create all sorts of weird aberrations and out of focus stuff!

from the website :

The New Petzval 58 Lens allows you to control the bokeh in your photos like never before. With each different bokeh level and aperture combination, you’ll get entirely different effects. Pick your Bokeh Control and Aperture Level here and discover your very own favorite combination for Petzval perfection

Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-12_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-14_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-23_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-21_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-22_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland

Churchill Wild food shots

Recently I collaborated with Shel Zolkewich to shoot a series of food shots celebrating the menu of the Churchill Wild Lodge. Shel did the food styling and I did the photography.

The gang at Churchill Wild were fascinated with the process of assembling these shots and did a profile on Shel and I on their blog:

Hours and hours of work can go into one shot.

“Even longer if you have to pick the cranberries off the tundra,” said Zolkewich with a smile in her voice.

“You see a beautiful photo of food and you think it looks great and so appetizing,” continued Zolkewich. “Then you sort of delve into why it’s working for you and why it’s hitting all your triggers. What you think it might smell like or taste like. There are a hundred little details that may have gone into that one photo. Like scouring the cupboards of other people’s kitchens and my own searching for all kinds of props to make it work.”

And it did. Beautifully.



Churchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-8_Ian_McCausland Churchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-6_Ian_McCauslandChurchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-9_Ian_McCausland Churchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-1_Ian_McCausland


Modern Day Olympians

Here’s a project that in progress. but i wanted to share these behind the scenes video by Leif Norman

As part of Olympus, we’re partnering with local athletes and sports teams to celebrate modern day gods and goddesses. Watch for more heroes over the coming weeks, and stay tuned for information about our upcoming exhibition of the photographs by Ian McCausland. – See more at:

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