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Bloody Sunday

A telling of the pivotal 24 hours in 1972 that sparked the next few decades of violence in Northern Ireland. U2’s song Sunday Bloody Sunday is based on…

Medulla by Bjork

well I finally “get it”. It took me weeks to get to the point where I wouldn’t race to the eject button after the first couple songs. But…

Plane crash re-edit, remix

A competition that requires setting some nasa crash footage to music. The winner is amazing!

Mercedes the dog

It’s been a few weeks now. Only now I can do this. It’s been really hard, she had a huge impact on our lives. A larger one on…

Louden Up Now by !!! [Chik Chik Chik] (2004)

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy this album. About as inventive as you can expect from a band part of the new wave revival. Could…

Jersey Girl rented this one, cuz at first glance it sounded cute. I didn’t read the box, cute movie with a kid and a dad, great no problem. Well,… Books: Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS

Bruce Fraser applies his expertise to the Adobe Camera Raw. I tore into this one the minute it showed up!

Orbital Blue Room

Let me first tell you, I am a fan. I have been from the beginning so this being their final album I felt compelled to get it. The…

Vice Magazine’s Photography Do’s and Don’ts Funny stuff, in that Vice Mag way.

“Good morning dear friend! The Ukrainian rock band “Vopli Vidopliassova” is pleased to meet you in the Web. This Site has been built specially for you. We treat…

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Hi-lites from this year’s MS-ride!

Naked in the Exchange

The Naked in the House concept has been brought to Winnipeg!Here’s how it works: 6 different shooters1 camera each1 roll of 120 film each1 hour each1 undisclosed location1…

Miles Davis: Live at the Fillmore East – PopMatters Music Review

Just another review, pretty much any review you look up on this set raves about it.


pciked this up awhile ago on a clearance, at maybe Chapters?… anyways I knew the raves for this set, so I snagged it. You have to open to… Athens 2004: A Photographer’s Blog. Part 2

A behind the scenes look at shooting the games. Interesting stuff.

John Coltrane – Impulse! Records

I am back into my Coltrane phase. This shit is deep as music goes and I guess it’s pretty deep as Jazz goes.I have the complete recording of…

HIPTINGLE : Articles : Gettin’ Swivey With It: The Legend of Son of Bazerk

(I threw this one in the player tonight, crazy shit crazy…) HIPTINGLE : Articles : Gettin’ Swivey With It: The Legend of Son of Bazerk: “he year was…

Nice collection I have no idea why these were taken,but they are some really nice portraits. It would be nice to have the time to go and create a…

Olympic Photo galleries

Don’t if everyone else is following the games as close, but check out these photo galleries on the CBC website. Great shots and easy to view.

Dusty Groove a whole site full of obscure groove stuff, new and old. There is just SO MUCH music we haven’t heard!