Watched Spartan tonight. It was rather good. Not your Mission
Impossible/ Bourne Idenity type of thriller, but how you’d really
imagine things are in Special Ops. The lean dialogue feels accurate and
everyone is trained to play things rather close, and say just what they
need but perhaps never what they mean. Val Kilmer was cast perfectly in
this one.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Last night I caught a replay of Charlie Rose’s interview with him in 2000? Rose, in his pandering way wanted him to fess up some of that typical artistic drivel, but he wouldn’t take the bait.

“..this is what I do,…” and shrug was the best he got. Got to admire that, steadfast in his convictions right to the end! The closest we got to the inner workings was his admission that he was ethically an anarchist. Rose wanted him to define and explain that term for his dumbed-down US audience, (the term now seeming to be interchangeable with terrorist) Again a shrug and smirk. You truly sensed the man was at his happiest when he was taking photos, and it came intuitively to him.

The last clip was a behind the scene, post-interview out-take where someone brought the two men glasses of red wine. Rose sipped his and continue to pander to his subject while Cartier Bresson slugged his all back and then mock photographed Rose through the bottom of his empty glass. It summed up his joie de vive and passion for photography in one spontaneous moment!

The Golden Globe Scam

I am watching a doc on the real story behind the golden globes… seems
it’s just one big scam that someone dreamed up years ago and it’s grown
to the leading pre-Oscars event….


The Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. has only 96 members and only 1/3 of
them are active journalists! Can you believe it!? back in the 70’s it
was only 42 members, mostly old ladies, mostly from Belgium. you don
‘ have to be a foreigner, nor be a writer but you DO have to live in
Southern California.

Not one of the 96 members would talk to the docu-maker, not even the
publicist would talk to him. He was turned away at the door of the
Some of the producers interviewed talked about back in the day,deals
being made, you get yer star to the show, and we’ll give an award to
yer picture, and some of that still goes on…

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