NSI_by_Ian_McCausland-1 NSI_by_Ian_McCausland-9 NSI_by_Ian_McCausland-5¬†Another shoot at NSI this time for the Drama Prize. Here’s the description:

NSI Drama Prize is an ambitious course that provides emerging filmmakers with training in the various stages of filmmaking, $10,000 in cash support; over $20,000 in services; and mentoring from established industry leaders while teams develop and produce a short film (up to 10 minutes).

The teams I met were wonderfully creative pairs who like all creative people embraced the challenge of being photographed, sometimes shortly after arriving here in Winnipeg! I always have fun meeting subjects through the NSI, and this was no exception. It’s why I will never get bored of shooting people on white backgrounds,the possibilities are as endless and unique the personalities themselves.