iPad crew

It’s been a year since announced, and almost a year since the awesome fun roadtrip to Minneapolis to snag one

(hit the pic to see more from our roadtrip)

And now of course, Apple’s come out with the new iPad2 and BlackBerry and others are about to launch their answers to the iPad.

After one year I have to say the iPad is a wonderful device. People often ask me what I use it for. It’s really hard to say in a short easy answer what specific task I use it for. Asking WHAT I use it for is like asking WHAT I use a laptop for. The question should be WHY do I use it.

I’d say if I had the choice between the iPad and my laptop, I’d reach for the iPad 89% of time. Tasks like creating this post for my blog are still done easier with a full keyboard and mouse, but if I am not creating, merely consuming, reading tweets, RSS feeds, or websites, watch movies, listen to music, I reach for the iPad. Apps specific for all of those tasks, designed for the touch interface, combined with the portability, amazing battery life, and “instant on” make it the GO-TO device.

As for the question of WHERE do I use the iPad? The Ipad seems to be a great fit at home where all three of us reach for the iPad. By now everyone’s seen a two year old swipe his way around the iOS interface, so it came as no surprise that Liam thrives on the iPad. The touch interface is now the primary way Liam does anything on a computer. I can see a time he laughs at the days where mom & dad used a mouse.

At work, as a device I can shoot to, the iPad hasn’t been as successful. While there is an amazing app for such a task, Shuttersnitch, I haven’t worked ¬†out all the kinks. There are people who do use the ipad as a device on location. I’ve tried to get it to work with some of the gear I already have, but still need one more piece to the puzzle. The whole process is very geeky, but then again it’s only been a year. Perhaps as the tablet gets adopted wider, we’ll see some solutions that make it easier to use on a shoot.

The answer to the other question people have asking : I won’t be buying the 2nd iPad, as much as I love the fact that it’s smaller and faster. I’ll probably wait for the 3rd version! After a year of tablet computing, we’re all hooked!