Gail_Asper_By_Ian_McCausland-4Gail_Asper_By_Ian_McCausland-1 Gail_Asper_By_Ian_McCausland-2 Gail_Asper_By_Ian_McCausland-3Earlier in the week I posted the photos of Stuart Murray for Winnipeg Men, on the flip side of the magazine, the cover story of Winnipeg Women is on Gail Asper of the Friends of The Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Like Stuart, Gail was incredibly accommodating of her time and was willing to do anything for the photoshoot. Again the pressure was being faced with the technical challenges of shooting in such an amazing vast building and with unique materials, such as all the panes of glass, I really had to pay attention to things to make these different setups happen quickly and efficiently. Shooting images in a laptop while on set is simply necessary to be to spot the details and any wayward reflections etc. I always stove to capture the best shot in camera, as the quick turnarounds of publications and the editing process doesn’t allow for copious amounts of retouching.