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Modern Day Heroes

modern_day_heroes_byI_ian_mccausland_1 modern_day_heroes_byI_ian_mccausland_2 modern_day_heroes_byI_ian_mccausland_3 modern_day_heroes_byI_ian_mccausland_4

WAG Presents Modern Day Heroes: Photography by Ian McCausland

Winnipeg, Manitoba, January, 2016:  The Winnipeg Art Gallery is pleased to present Modern Day Heroes, a new body of work by local photographer Ian McCausland. The exhibit features Winnipeg-based athletes portraying the gods and goddesses of Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin, the WAG’s current blockbuster show. Both exhibitions are on view until March 6.

Sophia Lee, principal dancer for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and Moe Leggett, safety for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, are celebrated alongside two university athletes: wrestler Finn Higgins of the University of Winnipeg Wesmen, and swimmer Kimberly Moors of the University of Manitoba Bisons.

“Artists in ancient times often regarded athletes as muses,” explains Dr. Stephen Borys, WAG Director & CEO, and the exhibition curator. “This connection is seen in Olympus, and now forms the basis of the Modern Day Heroes exhibit. The WAG is proud to partner with the athletes and organizations featured in the show, and we applaud Ian McCausland for capturing them so superbly.”

The four athletes each selected the god they identify with most for the photoshoot. Watch the behind-the-scenes videos at to discover the heroic attributes that these modern day heroes possess.

“I am one of many artists over the centuries who have been inspired by the work contained in Olympus,” states McCausland. “I feel privileged to have the opportunity to channel that inspiration into creating images of our modern day heroes.”

Olympus is a rare opportunity to see ancient Greek and Roman treasures on the prairies. As one of only two stops in North America, Olympus is Manitoba’s first major exhibition of classical antiquities in over half a century. Featured are over 160 works from the celebrated collection of the National Museums in Berlin: marble statues and reliefs, bronze statuettes, terracotta vases, and jewellery, some over 2,000 years old.

Visit for details, and for the latest updates, follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook #OlympusWPG.

Modern Day Olympians

Here’s a project that in progress. but i wanted to share these behind the scenes video by Leif Norman

As part of Olympus, we’re partnering with local athletes and sports teams to celebrate modern day gods and goddesses. Watch for more heroes over the coming weeks, and stay tuned for information about our upcoming exhibition of the photographs by Ian McCausland. – See more at:

Joey Landreth

Joey_Landreth_by_Ian_McCausland-4Back in January I asked my followers on Facebook who I should look at for indie musicians to photograph. The response to the post was overwhelming, people in Winnipeg love our local music scene. Throughout the thread Joey Landreth was recommended  time and time again.

I reached out to Joey,  explained what I was doing, and he was gracious and enthusiastic about me photographing him. His regular project The  Brothers Landreth, wasn’t performing locally, but another project, called Gitch, was performing on Sunday Nighst at Maw’s Eatery. Along with Joey, Murray Pulver another local musician that people mentioned quite a bit, would be performing with Paul Yee on bass and Emmet VanEtten on drums.

I came early Sunday evening to get my portraits before the gig. The guys were just setting up and working on a few tunes. As a music fan it was a real treat to get a glimpse on how a rehearsal works with top players. Listening in to the conversation and watching top musicians  work out a tune, I am always amazed how it all comes together.

Gitch_by_Ian_McCausland-2 Gitch_by_Ian_McCausland-9 Gitch_by_Ian_McCausland-11 Gitch_by_Ian_McCausland-7 Gitch_by_Ian_McCausland-6 Gitch_by_Ian_McCausland-8

Joey’s dad Wally Landreth came by as well. I think I first photographed Wally in The Deluxe Chance Band, way way back in my 20’s! It was great to see him and his cool beard!

Various_by_Ian_McCausland-1Landreth_by_Ian_McCausland-1After grabbing a few  with Wally I worked on getting portraits of all the members of Gitch!

Joey_Landreth_by_Ian_McCausland-1 Joey_Landreth_by_Ian_McCausland-3Murray_Pulver_by_Ian_McCausland-1Murray_Pulver_by_Ian_McCausland-2


Mardi Gras 2015 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre

Recently I was invited to the media event promoting the Mardi Gras celebration at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on Feb 13-14 .If you’re looking for a fun, tasty and energetic way to lighten up the winter, I suggest you check this event out!

Friday the 13th is Zombie theme night and we had a super creepy zombie work the media crowd, who are generally unflappable, but were totally creeped out!

Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-1Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-3Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-4 Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-6Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-10Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-5

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Recently I documented the completed galleries in the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights. While these might look impressive, The stills can’t convey the actual experience of moving through the museum. Thought provoking, emotionally moving and awe-inspiring galleries and exhibits are throughout the entire experience. These images are being used in the app you can download and use in the space while you move through it. IMG_2193 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2199 IMG_2202 IMG_2204 IMG_2207 IMG_2210 IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2219 IMG_2220 IMG_2223

The Strength of Her


Today is Oct 1st and the beginning of the Flash Photographic Festival for the entire month in Winnipeg.My project is a collection of portraits of young women in a program called Building Women leaders of Tomorrow. The title of the images is called The Strength of Her. But first a little back story, on how it all came about.

Back in June of this year Jana Gauthier reached out to me on Facebook. She got my name from Lisa Delorme Meiler, a designer who I have worked with and a fabulous painter. Lisa was already involved in the program working with the girls to produce their own artwork.

Basically Jana had this idea of getting me involved some how with this program. We met up and Jana talked about how this small group of young women are working on over coming some stuff and learning to become future leaders. Jana’s passion for the cause and her obvious love for these girls had me instantly convinced I had to get involved. It was then it struck me, we could create the images and show them as part of The Flash Festival.

Fast forward to August and suddenly we’re having the photo shoot. My friends Viz and Stephanie were gracious to donate their professional services in Hiar and Makeup to give the girls a real experience. I felt it was important for them to feel the attention and fused everyone does in a full fledge photo shoot. I’ve seen the transformative power of a photo shoot and new what seeing themselves in a new light would do. By the time of the photo shoot, tragic event locally had catapulted the plight of young aboriginal women in Canada to the front pages of the nation’s media. Our little photo shoot suddenly became a “good news” story that CBC covered extensively. Needless to say everyone had a great time and enjoyed seeing themselves in the photographs. Seeing people’s positive reaction to themselves in a photograph I produce is what gives me the strength to continue. It’s just the best feeling!!

After the shoot the girls worked with Katherena Vermette an awarding winning poet to produce a series of poems. I took phrases from these poems and tried to line them up with a image of each of the girls. The images will be on display at Wahbung Abinoonjiiag Inc.a centre established to empower children and their families to break the cycle of violence. My hope is that the images inspire the many people who visit the centre.


I ‘ve said this for many years and I truly believe this: For Winnipeg to grow and prosper as a city we need to find ways to empower the aboriginal community. These recent months have hi lighted that even more so we need to support young aboriginal women. If nothing else I hope that through this project, these young women know and understand I care about them and want them o be successful leaders in OUR community.

The website in support of the show is Click HERE to see the images, read the bios and poems and everyone who helped out with this project

The Red River Ex #onlyinthepeg

I was invited by Tourism Winnipeg to attend a photo walk with several photogs at the Red River Ex. We were to post them all and tag them #onlyinthepeg. It was great fun to walk around and “street shoot” the ex, a type of photography I don’t get to do enough of, and want to do more. It requires you to remain open and ready as the images can present themselves quite suddenly.DSCF8495DSCF8487-2 DSCF8745 DSCF8497 DSCF8698 DSCF8678 DSCF8489 DSCF8699 S0068539 DSCF8501 DSCF8756 DSCF8714 DSCF8763

We All Play For Canada

Last summer I had the great fortune to work with Cleansheet out of Toronto for Canadian Tire’s We All Play For Canada campaign. You’ve probably seen the commercial. If not, here it is.

My involvement with this campaign in fact started way back in the blistering hot days of July last summer when hockey and the Winter Olympics were hardly on anyone’s minds.  It was the day when Jonathan Toews had his turn to bring the Stanley Cup home to Winnipeg and to his home community club. Cleansheet had myself and a video crew following Jonathan around all day documenting the festivities. I watched as countless thousands of Winnipegers lined up everywhere to get a glimpse of both celebrities, Jonathan and Lord Stanley’s  Cup. It was a long hot day for everyone involved.

Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-6 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-4 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-3 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-1

Then in August I was asked to document the behind the scenes of the making of the commercial at the MTS Centre. There was 1 day of pre lighting and a day of shooting at the MTS Centre. A huge undertaking with a cast of hundreds, it was really neat to see it all happen. Everyone in the stands and in this commercial has a personal connection to Jonathan Toews and Hockey in Winnipeg. As you can see in the behind the scenes video it was a huge undertaking. Director Steve Chase did an amazing job!

Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-19Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-98 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-24 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-33Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-122 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-100
I grabbed group shots of the different categories during the production, a process which required me to move very quickly and not get in the way of the film crew.

Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-96 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-91 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-75 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-58 Jonathan_Toews_Ian_McCausland-55I also photographed Jonathan in a studio style set up just off set with him featuring some of the exclusive hockey equipment for Canadian Tire.  From that crazy day in the sun with the cup to standing in all his gear under the hot lights, I can not stress how gracious and accommodating Jonathan was to everyone. He’s an incredibly articulate, stand up guy. It was really great to meet and photograph him.


After the commercial, Cleansheet were looking to replicate some of the set ups in the commercial and create what we were calling a SuperFan for some of the advertising for Canadian Tire. We spent another great day in the studio, I had Janique do an amazing job of making our fan up with the flag on his face.


Many Thanks for Scott Shymko and the team at Cleansheet for the amazing opportunity to work on this project. While in the middle of all this  work, back in the summer, the Winter Olympics seemed like a far off dream. Now that they are underway, and I see the work out there, in amongst all the different commercials and flyers, I feel very proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in showing our countries pride for their Olympic Athletes. The We All Play For Canada campaign encourages kids to get back outside and play, is a cause very dear to my heart.

Chef Barry Saunders of Inn at the Forks for The Cellar Door

Inn_at_The_Forks_Ian_McCausland-2 Inn_at_The_Forks_Ian_McCausland-3


The new issue of The Cellar Door is out, and one of the article features Chef Barry Saunders of Inn at The Forks. It’s a profile on Barry’s career as a local chef and talks about the latest challenge he’s taking on, Executive Chef for the restaurant in the new Museum of Human Rights.

The challenge was of course to shoot Barry while it’s -40C outside and yet somehow tie it to the museum. Fortunately there is a suite at the top of the hotel to provide a stunning view of Winnipeg. The next challenge was to try and light Barry in a flattering way that balanced him to the brights un outside, while avoiding reflections in the windows. Then the NEXT challenge was to do all this while looking like it’s no big deal and trying to keep Barry relaxed and engaged for the camera. I’ve know Barry for many years, since we were kids, in fact, and he doesn’t enjoy being photographed. (He’s kinda an old school chef in that way!) But Lisa the editor who was interviewing Barry  was great in talking to him and keep his mind off the fact that I had surrounded him with lighting and big camera lens. The food shot was made in the same location right after we fleet we nailed the portrait.


University of Manitoba Celebrating Our Trailblazers




A recent shoot for the University of Manitoba, Celebrating Our Trailblazers was an ad in The Globe & Mail showcases the amazing depth of talent on campus. Each person had their own fascinating story, meeting them and talking about their passion is so much fun! I get to learn about a diverse range of topics, fine arts, biology, engineering, heck I even learn about the contents of beluga whales’ stomaches, the pressures of completive archery, and working on corporate commissions. Everyone was so wonderful to work with, we managed to have a lot of fun with this shoot.

Follow this link to read more about these amazing people!

Me as A Portrait a Day by David Lipnowski


Watching David’s Portrait a Day project all year I was wondering when I’d finally make it. Well that day finally came on Dec. 23rd. While we originally planned to doing something at the studio, it didn’t work out that way. We ended up doing something in my little corner of the basement where I have all my books. I am kinda glad we did here, as it its the place I go to draw inspiration, from the various photographer’s monographs I have collected over the years. When I have a big project coming or want to generate some ideas, I put on some music pull up a chair and flip through the pages of the photographers that I admire. Each of them offer me lessons, not only on technique, what camera settings and all that, but how to live your life as a photographer. In this age of instant experts, online forums, and opportunistic seminars, I draw on real world experience stretched over years or decades for inspiration.

7 years ago a young keener came along, and was open to learning from my real world experience. Both Brian and I myself saw bits of ourselves in David, he had the traits we knew you really needed to make it in this business: perseverance. professionalism, the willingness to learn from your mistakes. Yeah maybe we are two of the ” 3 or 4 people who will actually tell me when my work sucks.” But it’s testament to David’s drive that he wouldn’t want it any other way. After  all these years and have the opportunity to shoot just about anybody and anything, watching a talent photographer like David grow and move forward, this year in particular, is as gratifying as creating any image myself.

David said some very nice words about us working together, best to hit the post here and read them.

Special Olympics Manitoba






With the Winter Olympics approaching, you can’t help but get excited. It’s always fun to watch amazing athletes from around the world do their very best and  win gold. in the face of stiff competition or adversity. Special Olympics Manitoba achieves the very same thing as the Olympics, except we have amazing local athletes doing they very best to achieve their goals.

I photographed some of the athletes, of course, but also the many volunteers and coaches that help the athlete achieved those goals. I had so much fun meeting and working with all these amazing people. We had a lot of laughs and I think it really shows in the faces of everyone in these ads. Look for the 2nd phase of this campaign in the new year as the word “Olympics” is on everyone’s mind.

Brian Bowman for Winnipeg Men Magazine

Brian_Bowman-1 Brian_Bowman-2 Brian_Bowman-3 Brian_Bowman-4I recently shot Brian Bowman for Winnipeg Men magazine. The decision was made to shoot Brian at Parlour Coffee as it’s an incredibly popular coffee shop in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. It seems like everyone goes through Parlour’s doors to snag their incredible coffee. Sit there long enough and you bump into someone you know! I even managed to have my friend Sarah Zaharia in the background of the shot of Brian in the shop. After we captured Brian slurping on a latte we headed outside and grabbed a few more portraits with the one featured the view of the city as the cover.

I hope Brian runs for mayor of Winnipeg, I have met Brian a few different times in the past and he seems very thoughtful and sincerely committed to the city. The city’s had a rough ride these past few years and a fresh face at city hall would be a welcome change, to reflect the positive changes we’ve felt in the city over the past year. Here’s hoping he runs!