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Convention Centre for Ciao Magazine

Profile of Chef Quentin Harty and the newly renovated and expanded Winnipg Convention Centre.


At the RBC Convention Centre, serving hundreds of identical, impeccable plates is all in a day’s work.

by Joelle Kidd

Clad in spick-and-span chefs’ whites and a towering toque blanche, chef Quentin Harty cuts an impressive figure. Kind, friendly, and professional, this executive chef wears decades of cooking experience on his sleeve. He knows the importance of good management.
His style, he says, is firm but fair. “There’s no room for error.”
Indeed, when hundreds, even thousands, of plates are leaving the kitchen under his supervision, Harty must be sure his crack team is operating at full capacity.

you can read the entire article HERE

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NuBurger for Ciao Magazine

The latest Ciao Magazine feature was on the cool burger joint Nuburger. The guys who own and operate the restaurant were a ton of fun to work with, definitely of the “Work Hard, Play Hard” mindset. As much goofing round you see here, they were very exacting about the food styling of their beloved and delicious burgers. As you can see here, it’s paid off, these burgers are as tasty as they look!

Head over to the Ciao Website where you can read the latest issue online

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Churchill Wild food shots

Recently I collaborated with Shel Zolkewich to shoot a series of food shots celebrating the menu of the Churchill Wild Lodge. Shel did the food styling and I did the photography.

The gang at Churchill Wild were fascinated with the process of assembling these shots and did a profile on Shel and I on their blog:

Hours and hours of work can go into one shot.

“Even longer if you have to pick the cranberries off the tundra,” said Zolkewich with a smile in her voice.

“You see a beautiful photo of food and you think it looks great and so appetizing,” continued Zolkewich. “Then you sort of delve into why it’s working for you and why it’s hitting all your triggers. What you think it might smell like or taste like. There are a hundred little details that may have gone into that one photo. Like scouring the cupboards of other people’s kitchens and my own searching for all kinds of props to make it work.”

And it did. Beautifully.



Churchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-8_Ian_McCausland Churchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-6_Ian_McCauslandChurchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-9_Ian_McCausland Churchill_Wild_by_Ian_McCausland-1_Ian_McCausland