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Sign Up For Life



The second stage of the Sign Up For Life campaign is now out! The first stage of the campaign showcased the staff of the HSC,  this second stage showcases four amazing Manitobans who could save your life through organ donation. The amazing folks at Tetro, who are always fun to work with, made these images look amazing! Its one thing to create a photo you’re happy with, its completely another things to see that image transformed and elevated through the design and type used.

Ok folks these four amazing Manitobans are challenging you to Sign Up For Life!  Signing up is so easy, takes mere minutes and could make  you a hero!





The many moods of Lake Winnipeg

Spent last weekend on the shores of Lake Winnipeg: Lake Winnipeg is the sixth-largest freshwater lake in Canada,[2] and the third-largest freshwater lake contained entirely within Canada, but it is relatively shallow (mean depth of 12 m (39 ft))[3] excluding a narrow 36 m (118 ft) deep channel between the northern and southern basins. It is the eleventh-largest freshwater lake on Earth.

These photos taken with my iPhone show the many moods of the big lake over the course of a couple days. When it’s riled up and angry you know it!

IMG_8402 IMG_8418 IMG_8436 IMG_8439 IMG_8478 IMG_8481 IMG_8482 IMG_8483 IMG_8485 IMG_8487