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I  LOVE shooting for trade publications. Seriously, I do, I am not just saying that. I love it when shooting for trade pubs takes me inside different businesses and I get a chance to learn all about what they do. If I have to put on my steel toe boots or a reflective vest, even better! When Canadian Industrial Machinery Magazine called me, they had a feature profile planed on Western Steel and Tube, here in Winnipeg. I had done some work for Western Steel and Tube in the past and knew all about their business of formed steel products, for both industrial and consumer use. The challenge was to illustrate that in a way that high lighted their advancements in the use of robotics and their diverse product mix. The cover of the magazine follows a familiar formate, typically the owner of the company showcasing their product. Then we moved onto the shop floor and worked through the various stations.

The article is online and can be read here.

When shooting for these trade publications,t he challenge for me as a photographer is to try and rise above what’s been done and deliver a result that stands out. In this day and age that typically means lighting a scene and lighting it in a dramatic way. That means extra time and energy on my end but my clients, the editors of these trade publications appreciate that effort.