Brita_Chell_IanMcCausland-8314 I was recently assigned to photograph Brita Chell, The CFO of The Canadian Wheat Board for Benefits Magazine. While the offices of the CWB had recently go through a renovation, we were limited in spaces that let themselves to photography. Of course the weather was far too nasty to shoot outside. Fortunately the lobby area featured some great large images of wheat that provided a great background.

I had to shoot for a variety of uses including the possibility the image to appear with text on the cover. Ms Chell was very gracious in her patience and time and it was only once I got talking to you her that she revealed to me that she was the CFO. She certainly didn’t show the stress and responsibility of her position. (you can read more about the big changes she made here.)  I always try and get the story behind the images, it’s not always possible with the time constraints  but knowing as much about my subject ahead of time helps me prepare, not only in coming up with images that help the story,  but to also accommodate the subjects busy schedule. I always strive to have the process of being photographed to be a relatively painless process for my subjects.