Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Recently I documented the completed galleries in the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights. While these might look impressive, The stills can’t convey the actual experience of moving through the museum. Thought provoking, emotionally moving and awe-inspiring galleries and exhibits are throughout the entire experience. These images are being used in the app you can download and use in the space while you move through it. IMG_2193 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2199 IMG_2202 IMG_2204 IMG_2207 IMG_2210 IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2219 IMG_2220 IMG_2223

Sony A7s and Wasabi

Back in October I was lucky enough to try out the new Sony A7s, the latest camera in the A& line up. While its getting raves as a video camera, I had fun using it for still. I dropped in the food blogger event at Wasabi to try it out. Wasabi is the perfect location to try out a camera designed for low light. The cozy atmosphere and dim lighting makes for a wonderfully cozy environment and their sushi is unrivalled in this city.

As you can see here the Sony handled the task amazingly well. The more I play with this camera the more I can see myself using it. While I didn’t have wireless capabilities set up and running, I could have easily been tweeting and instagraming these images immediately as part of the event.As good as the iPhone is, it’s no match to this full frame chip!

You can view all the pics posted from this event here
Many Thanks to Wasabi of the invite to this event!










Andriana Chuchman for The U of M



Recently as part of the UofM trailblazer campaign ( I was honoured to have Andriana Chuchman ( in my studio. In order to get the shot where she looked like she was singing, we requested she actually sing which she quite willingly obliged. My studio space was filled with the wondererous sound of her voice and her ability to fill a room with her voice astounded me. Adriana was a wonderful subject and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with her on this campaign.

Thanks, For Winnipeg

Brian_Bowman_by_Ian_McCauslandFriends, just one more post about Brian Bowman and the Bowman4WPGteam.

I first want to say thank you so much for all my friends and followers on social media for indulging ( some say enduring!) my passion for this campaign. Over the past few months, I’ve share the reasons I got involved in this election and Brian embodied those reasons. As anyone who knows me can attest I have been passionate about Winnipeg well before this campaign and this journey has only solidified my view that this city is just full of amazing people who want to work together and see this city grow and flourish. Believe me I wrestled with wether or not I was going too hard with all this, but as anyone who’s pretty active in social media can tell you, passionate fuels your success. So thank you, you can quit hiding my posts and un-mute me on twitter! 

Yesterday at Parlour Coffee Brian and I had a chance to reflect to the conversation we had way back when I offered my support IF he decided to run. It’s been an amazing journey to go from majority of Winnipeg saying “Brian who?” to chants of “Bomentum!” as he entered the room last night. I truly had fun facing the challenges in getting the message out, using all the skills I have with my images, my words and my efforts on the street.

In my line of work, I am incredibly privileged to work with community leaders of all kinds in this city. It’s in the moments before and after I train my lens on these leaders where their true character is revealed. As the campaign went on, and I had a chance to work beside, laugh and even shed a tear or two with Brian, my respect for him just grew and grew, and I felt compelled to share it with all of you. His insistence to run this campaign in a positive way, without going negative, inspired all of us, and at the end of it allowed all of the team to hold their head ups up, proud that we ran a good clean campaign, win or lose.

When Brian pledged he wasn’t going to run provincially or federally and that he was truly running “for Winnipeg” I made a similar pledge, I stated it publicly here and I made that pledge to my amazing wife, Lynda Gyorgy- McCausland who was just so supportive of me embracing this new experience to its fullest.

This being my first political campaign, i’ve learned so much about myself my beliefs and my passions. It will be an exciting challenge to find new interesting ways to share those with you.

Thanks again!

Chew for The Cellar Door

I shoot a regular chef profile feature for Banville &  Jones’ magazine The Cellar Door ( BTW just won people’s choice at the Maggies, Manitoba Magazine Association awards) This current issue is a profile of Kristen and Kyle of Chew (

This fabulous couple have made name for themselves with this small intimate 21 seat restaurant. You’d think they would be all serious, and full of attitude. Nothing could be farther from the truth! We had so much fun getting the two of them to kibitz for the camera, the sequence that we ended up on captures that fun and passion they are bringing to their endeavours. Since we shot this profile they’ve revealed they are expanding next door and will be offering baked good and desserts, and specialty prepared foods. I am sure it was be equally as successful


The Strength of Her


Today is Oct 1st and the beginning of the Flash Photographic Festival for the entire month in Winnipeg.My project is a collection of portraits of young women in a program called Building Women leaders of Tomorrow. The title of the images is called The Strength of Her. But first a little back story, on how it all came about.

Back in June of this year Jana Gauthier reached out to me on Facebook. She got my name from Lisa Delorme Meiler, a designer who I have worked with and a fabulous painter. Lisa was already involved in the program working with the girls to produce their own artwork.

Basically Jana had this idea of getting me involved some how with this program. We met up and Jana talked about how this small group of young women are working on over coming some stuff and learning to become future leaders. Jana’s passion for the cause and her obvious love for these girls had me instantly convinced I had to get involved. It was then it struck me, we could create the images and show them as part of The Flash Festival.

Fast forward to August and suddenly we’re having the photo shoot. My friends Viz and Stephanie were gracious to donate their professional services in Hiar and Makeup to give the girls a real experience. I felt it was important for them to feel the attention and fused everyone does in a full fledge photo shoot. I’ve seen the transformative power of a photo shoot and new what seeing themselves in a new light would do. By the time of the photo shoot, tragic event locally had catapulted the plight of young aboriginal women in Canada to the front pages of the nation’s media. Our little photo shoot suddenly became a “good news” story that CBC covered extensively. Needless to say everyone had a great time and enjoyed seeing themselves in the photographs. Seeing people’s positive reaction to themselves in a photograph I produce is what gives me the strength to continue. It’s just the best feeling!!

After the shoot the girls worked with Katherena Vermette an awarding winning poet to produce a series of poems. I took phrases from these poems and tried to line them up with a image of each of the girls. The images will be on display at Wahbung Abinoonjiiag Inc.a centre established to empower children and their families to break the cycle of violence. My hope is that the images inspire the many people who visit the centre.


I ‘ve said this for many years and I truly believe this: For Winnipeg to grow and prosper as a city we need to find ways to empower the aboriginal community. These recent months have hi lighted that even more so we need to support young aboriginal women. If nothing else I hope that through this project, these young women know and understand I care about them and want them o be successful leaders in OUR community.

The website in support of the show is Click HERE to see the images, read the bios and poems and everyone who helped out with this project

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