Another blog pots about a local indie band! This week Panicland 16who just put out another catchy single called Runaway, you can see  the video here. 

When I crowd sourced suggestions for bands to profile, back in January,Glenn Willows, who I know from way, way back suggested I take a look at this band he was working with. I hit the link and was immediately impressed with their confidence, upbeat energy and of course catchy pop music. I invited the guys to stop by the studio just before they hit the road on an epic tour.

The other thing that impressed me was the way they fully maximized their  social media to engage with their fans. These guys can send a tweet out for fans to meet up at the Forks, have 50-60 show up, get kicked out of the Forks for forgetting their busking pass and then take the video footage of that scene and rollin into the video for their latest single, which they also shot, and edited themselves! When I commented on their deftness in social media singer Braedon Horbacio replied “yeah thats the difference between us and older bands, you know, guys in their twenties, (GULP!) we’re comfortable doing this stuff.” Creating that dialogue with your audience is the future of indie musicians and they know it!

With that in mind I had to create a shot of the guys posing with perhaps the most important instruments they use, their smartphones! They were completely up for anything, and we had a ball shooting together. Definitely keep an eye on Panicland!

Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-4 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-5
Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-14 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-15 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-16 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-17 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-23 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-25 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-26 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-29 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-34 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-39 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-44 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-50 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-51 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-52 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-53 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-58 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-59 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-60 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-62 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-67 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-68 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-70 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-72 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-76 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-83 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-86 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-88 Panicland_by_Ian_McCausland-89

The Cellar Door for Banville & Jones

For a recent feature in The Cellar Door I captured three amazing sommeliers,Andrea Mike and Jill, from Banville&Jones cooking up their comfort foods and pairing them with wines. Not only are these three knowledgable about food and wine , their super fun to hang out with and we had a great time!_IAN0459 _IAN0063 _IAN0289_IAN9996 _IAN0548 _IAN0202


Then right after that we went down to the Fairmont to profile Chef  Eraj Jayawickreme. Eraj is new to our city and brings his amazing skills, love of gfood and wonderful sense of humour! We had so much fun._IAN0704 _IAN0592

Jodie Layne for Chatelaine Magazine

Jodi_Layne_by_Ian_McCausland_1.jpg Jodi_Layne_by_Ian_McCausland_2.jpg Jodi_Layne_by_Ian_McCausland_3.jpgJodi_Layne_by_Ian_McCausland_4.jpg
Recently I photographed Jodie Layne for the Ms. Chatelaine profile, which I strongly encourage you to read here

Here’s an excerpt:

Jodie Layne is loud-mouthed and proud. At the age of seven, she wrote a letter to then prime minister Jean Chrétien, begging him to save endangered whales in the Gully, off the coast of Nova Scotia. He responded, thanking her for her concern and promising to look into the issue. Eight years later, the Gully became Atlantic Canada’s first marine protected area. “No one’s been able to shut me up since,” she says. “I blame Chrétien.”

In 2011, at age 22, Jodie was named one of Winnipeg’s 30 Under 30 by the Uniter, the University of Winnipeg’s student newspaper. Now 25, Jodie works as a health educator for Nine Circles Community Health Centre and runs Safer Spaces Winnipeg, an organization that speaks out against street harassment. This spring, the group plans to launch a campaign to combat the catcalling of female cyclists, an escalating issue in the city.

This being Winnipeg, upon arriving at her house, Jodie myself and Sarah who was doing hair and makeup, worked on connecting the numerous dots. Not surprisingly we all had mutual friends within different communities here in the city. Once Jodie was all made up and ready it was my task to find some common ground and create that rapport I need to capture Jodie’s infectious smile.

As the article indicates Jodie is a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan.  I might have been forced to sit in a room while it’s been on for just few episodes in my life time and I have a  penchant for retaining the most obscure trivia, even on tv shows I don’t care for. I am sure the shot Chatelaine used is Jodie laughing at my arcane knowledge of the history of Grey’s Anatomy!

(Btw here are the links Kevin Kidd by Annie Leibovitz, and I heart Sara Ramirez! :-)

One of the best parts of these kind of assignments, is the lasting connections made.  I am so fortunate to meet yet another amazing Winnipeger who’s doing so much to make our city a better place to live! read more about Jodie’s important work here: Is The Good Will the most women friendly bar in Canada?)



Back on a chilly Sunday afternoon in November, I had the opportunity to photography Antiphony. Here’s how they describe themselves;

Antiphony is a Winnipeg-based, self-directed a cappella ensemble made up of young creative professionals with a wealth of experience singing and conducting in some of Manitoba’s finest choral ensembles


They were so much fun to work with, we had a great time creating several sets of headshot and groups shots for various uses.Antiphony_By_Ian_McCausland-13Antiphony_By_Ian_McCausland-22 Antiphony_By_Ian_McCausland-20 Antiphony_By_Ian_McCausland-17 Antiphony_By_Ian_McCausland-23

Deer & Almond for Ciao Magazine

_IAN7423You can read all about Chef Mandel Hitzer of Deer & Almond in this month’s Ciao Magazine!  here’s an excerpt:

“I fell in love with flavours at the age of nine,” Mandel Hitzer says. He fondly remembers his grandmother and mother filling the kitchen with the intoxicating aromas of bread baking, roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding. By the time he was a teenager Mandel was cooking for his four siblings, smitten with the pleasure of creating good, simple food.

That childhood passion is now at play at deer + almond, a 68-seat restaurant in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, where seven days a week chef Hitzer serves up tapas-style dishes that challenge culinary convention with a clever mix of global styles and ingredients.


Mardi Gras 2015 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre

Recently I was invited to the media event promoting the Mardi Gras celebration at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on Feb 13-14 .If you’re looking for a fun, tasty and energetic way to lighten up the winter, I suggest you check this event out!

Friday the 13th is Zombie theme night and we had a super creepy zombie work the media crowd, who are generally unflappable, but were totally creeped out!

Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-1Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-3Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-4 Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-6Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-10Mari_Gras_By_Ian_McCausland-5

2015 UN International Year of Light

Pixel_Stick_By_Ian_McCausland-6Pixel_Stick_By_Ian_McCausland-2 Pixel_Stick_By_Ian_McCausland-3 Pixel_Stick_By_Ian_McCausland-4

The UN has declared 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-based technologies.

As some one who relies heavy upon and uses light to make people and things look good, this declaration is near and dear to my heart!

Here’s an explanation from the official website:

In proclaiming an International Year focusing on the topic of light science and its applications, the United Nations has recognized the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health. Light plays a vital role in our daily lives and is an imperative cross-cutting discipline of science in the 21st century. It has revolutionized medicine, opened up international communication via the Internet, and continues to be central to linking cultural, economic and political aspects of the global society.

These photos were all shot with my new toy, the Pixel Stick.


Sean McCormick of Manitobah Mukluks for Western Living

Manitobah_Mukluk_By_Ian_McCausland-1Shot a profile on Sean McCormick of Manitobah Mukluksin his show room. He’s wearing his own day- to-day mukluks, as the samples were the wrong size. We joked about how many CEO’s would pose for a photo with deer blood on their footwear! He was hunting the weekend previous to our shoot and had the blood stains on his mukluks to prove it!


Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Recently I documented the completed galleries in the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights. While these might look impressive, The stills can’t convey the actual experience of moving through the museum. Thought provoking, emotionally moving and awe-inspiring galleries and exhibits are throughout the entire experience. These images are being used in the app you can download and use in the space while you move through it. IMG_2193 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2199 IMG_2202 IMG_2204 IMG_2207 IMG_2210 IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2219 IMG_2220 IMG_2223

Know My Limits

I recently teamed up with the gang at Relish to shoot a series of images for use in the Know My Limits awareness campaign. The campaign is aimed to young people this holiday season to get them thinking about their own personal limits. We had a lot of fun shooting these and you’ll see them on billboards, bus ads and online throughout the holidays knowmylimits.ca_By_Ian_McCausland_8








Sony A7s and Wasabi

Back in October I was lucky enough to try out the new Sony A7s, the latest camera in the A& line up. While its getting raves as a video camera, I had fun using it for still. I dropped in the food blogger event at Wasabi to try it out. Wasabi is the perfect location to try out a camera designed for low light. The cozy atmosphere and dim lighting makes for a wonderfully cozy environment and their sushi is unrivalled in this city.

As you can see here the Sony handled the task amazingly well. The more I play with this camera the more I can see myself using it. While I didn’t have wireless capabilities set up and running, I could have easily been tweeting and instagraming these images immediately as part of the event.As good as the iPhone is, it’s no match to this full frame chip!

You can view all the pics posted from this event here
Many Thanks to Wasabi of the invite to this event!










Polo Park Holiday Campaign

Piercing through a snowy landscape, our glowing beauty captures the ethereal mood accented with plenty of sparkle this holiday season. Winter whites, royal to deeper blues, grays, silvers, and soft pops of brights set the tone. Brilliant faux furs play a starring role this season in a variety of colours, mixed with a great breadth of jewels and crystals, evoking an air of elegance and pure luxury for Holiday 2014.
Thanks to our Style Team:
Hair: John Graham at Aevi Spa Salon Boutique
Beauty: Jocelyn Caballero
Model: Kate Yacula at Swish Model Management
Styling – ‪#SwishProductions‬
Production – Direct Focus Marketing Communications
Photography: Ian McCausland Photography

73749 Polo Park - Winter Final Creative1

73749 Polo Park - Winter Final Creative2

73749 Polo Park - Winter Final Creative3

73749 Polo Park - Winter Final Creative5

73749 Polo Park - Winter Final Creative6

73749 Polo Park - Winter Final Creative7

Andriana Chuchman for The U of M



Recently as part of the UofM trailblazer campaign ( I was honoured to have Andriana Chuchman ( in my studio. In order to get the shot where she looked like she was singing, we requested she actually sing which she quite willingly obliged. My studio space was filled with the wondererous sound of her voice and her ability to fill a room with her voice astounded me. Adriana was a wonderful subject and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with her on this campaign.

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