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Its always fun to play with lighting, especially with someone as amazing as Katerina. Finally getting to blog this images, with hopes to work with her again one day!    

Panorama Winnipeg

  Just a few panoramas made over the last few months. The first of Grace Hospital (www.gracehospitalfoundation.ca) the 2nd for Prairie 360 (www.prairie360.ca)  

Kitchens for Ciao!

The Kitchens shot for Ciao! magazine feature.(http://www.ciaowinnipeg.com)  

Roland Penner for Alumni Report

        Had the please of photographing Roland Penner for the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law Alumni magazine. Mr Penner was Dean of Law at the University of Manitoba and a is a former politician and Manitoba Cabinet minister.    

The Breakfast Club

recently had fun with Beau and Heather the morning show hosts at 99.9 BOBfm.(http://www.999bobfm.com/index.aspx) Beau I’ve photographed over the years and we always have fun. Heather recently joined the morning show and you could tell right away that two are going to have a lot of fun working together!  

The Ace Burpee Show

recently I had a chance to hang out for awhile with Ace,Chrissy and LTI  We shot some stuff in the Virgin 103 studios ( http://winnipeg.virginradio.ca/aceburpeeshow.aspx) and where ever else we could think of! Always a fun time hanging out with these three!  

Chew for The Cellar Door

I shoot a regular chef profile feature for Banville &  Jones’ magazine The Cellar Door (http://www.banvilleandjones.com/cellardoor.php)(which BTW just won people’s choice at the Maggies, Manitoba Magazine Association awards) This current issue is a profile of Kristen and Kyle of Chew (http://www.chewcatering.ca) This fabulous couple have made name for themselves with this small intimate 21 seat […] 





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